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General information, addresses, activities, goals and visions.
Search database for IAUP members, their profiles, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

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Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) -
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Upcoming Conferences

IAUP Equity Conference - UniDIversity
Oldenburg, Germany
21-23 February, 2005

11th AAU General Conference
21-25 February, 2005
First Announcement, Draft Programme, Registration Form

2005 IAUP Triennial Conference, Thailand
10-15 July, 2005

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Commissions and Working Groups, Case & Project index, University Presidents Exchange Programme

Keynote Addresses

Universities - Dream of a Welfare State
His Excellency Luiz Henrique da Silveira
Governor of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Keynote Address - Executive Meeting, March 2004

bulllogo Unity, Knowledge and a Diverse World
Dr Clifton R. Wharton, Jr.

Keynote Address - Executive Meeting, Nov 2003

bulllogo IAUP President - Daito Bunka University
Professor Ingrid Moses.

Address given at 80th Anniversary of Daito Bunka University, Japan - November 2003